4 min Mobile Games Best magic themed mobile games

4 min Mobile Games Best magic themed mobile games

There is a hard-to-explain charm about the supernatural. Universes like this have been part of mankind’s culture for centuries and many games introduce a scenario that is sometimes fantastic, sometimes real and puts us in the center of the action to participate in interesting stories while practicing magic.

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Casting spells on the mobile screen is easy and fun, as well as a little challenging. Some even tie their fingers together, while others just a risk is enough. Anyway, enjoy these magical worlds with different game styles that amuse and delight.

1. Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

  • Compatibildiade: Android, iOS

  • Price: free (internal purchases optional)

  • Size: about 70MB for Android and 400MB for iOS (version 2.1)

British developer Nitrome puts on you the responsibility of defending the city against invaders in Wizard for Hire. Called the Beetle Knights, enemies arrive in balloons falling from the sky that must be popped before they reach the ground.

Originally released in browser-based Flash, the game found its way to mobile phones in 2015, a year after the company focused its development for mobile phones, and found on devices a conducive spot for the two-mode style of game play, Arcade and Time Attack.

Arcade is an infinite mode of play that gets harder as time goes on. To pop the balloons it is necessary to make the corresponding symbols of each opponent to prevent them from reaching the ground, but as time passes it is necessary to make symbols more difficult and some characters arrive in two, three or more balloons.

While Arcade ends if they hit the ground, in Time Attack the player doesn’t have to worry, but there is a time limit. It’s the best way to practice and get the hang of it before going into the main mode. For each enemy defeated, coins are released that can be used to buy “power ups” that aid in the game.

With its simple gameplay, increasing difficulty and incredible spells to aid in battle, Wizard for Hire bewitches players, pardon the joke, and delivers a challenging and highly entertaining experience.

Prevent enemies from advancing by performing spell symbols (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

2. Magic Rampage

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: free (internal purchases optional)
  • Size: about 180 MB for Android and 210 for iOS (version 5.3)

Straight from our land and in fairy tale style, straight to “Once upon a time…”, Magic Rampage is a fun RPG that starts the story with a mystery by showing a sorcerer murdering several soldiers and taking over a castle. Right after the cutscene you show up and need to find out who the Sorcerer is as you progress through the game.

Several classes can be chosen, which gain or lose attributes, and serve for the player to choose their style of play, but in addition, they leave the replayability factor for the Asantee Games title in high since it is possible to build different classes with magical equipment powerful.

By mixing RPG and Platform, the game induces exploration to collect the greatest possible amount of gold and all the diamonds in the level, there are three in total, and each stage also has a number of secret rooms that grant some object such as potions or weapons.

Magic Rampage is an excellent production that hits in full all the ingredients of the recipe by mixing RPG and Action, showing the quality of artists from the Brazilian industry once again.

Discover the mystery of the sorcerer in this Brazilian game that shows the quality of our games (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

3. Magica.io

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS

  • Price: free (internal purchases optional)

  • Size: about 80MB for Android and about 230MB for iOS (version 1.4)

Battle Royale, love it or hate it, the style is powerful and opened doors for several huge events, in addition to opening doors to let the artists’ creativity flow freely and some interesting games have emerged in this medium, such as the case of Magica.io .

The game blends a competitive style with an engaging progression system that uses spells to defeat your opponents. Starting with a simple spell, the player must defeat opponents to open new ones, such as the famous fireball or water spells. It is possible to blend the spells to transform them into powerful rots that change the course of the battle.

As the player tests different combinations the spell book will expand and new missions will be released that strengthen their abilities even more. The game may seem unfair, as a player who’s been on the longest is stronger, but that’s circumvented with a ranking system that pairs you with other people on the same level.

The visual style, soundtrack and ease of learning alone would make the game unique, but the progression system introduces a refreshment into an industry saturated with Battle Royales shooting.

Defeat your enemies in this Battle Royale focused on leveling up your spells and abilities (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

4. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS

  • Price: free (internal purchases optional)

  • Size: about 600 MB for both platforms (version 2.17)

The importance that the universe created by JK Rowling has in culture is immeasurable. As a young man who grew up with the characters during the 2000s, Harry Potter is one of the main references and experiencing the magical world through games is, well, magical.

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Following the same style of Pokémon Go, Niantic gives us a world full of owl castles and all the symbols that marked the franchise. The setting is great, as well as it’s fun to make the layout to cast the spell and complete the missions following the guidelines of the now Auror Harry Potter. It is up to the player to complete them and return objects, animals or even wizards to the world they belong to.

Complete the registration of your identity in the Ministry of Magic, as each type has a very detailed description that will make the player identify more with the game. The more missions are accomplished, the more rewards the player receives, being able to complete their identity as they progress towards becoming a great wizard in the world of Harry Potter.

With guidance from Auror Harry Potter, help restore the magical world in this RA edition (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

5. Candies ‘n Curses

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS

  • Price: free (internal purchases optional)

  • Size: about 60MB for Android and 160MB for iOS (version 3.0)

After a silly game of Truth or Dare Molli Pop, the player heads towards an abandoned mansion reputed to be haunted. Bigger cliché than just someone saying “Hello?” into the darkness in a horror movie.

But determined to prove his courage, the player goes towards the mansion and equipped only with his lantern, the door closes behind her and now all that’s left is to fight against the beings that emerge from the darkness. The game is a simple platformer that fills the room with monsters and you have to dodge them all while using your flashlight to finish them off.

As you progress it is possible to equip spells in your flashlight, up to five can be equipped, and all of them are useful to help you survive as long as possible. The game has an RPG feel as some items can only be accessed and used if the player is at a specific level.

With diverse missions and a darkly fun atmosphere, Tako Boy Studios’ gameplay is challenging without missing the fun, rewarding the player more the longer you survive.

Use agility to dodge and dispatch monsters in this fun game (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

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