3 min Entertainment The Flash │ Backstage photos reveal that film will have two “Batmans”

3 min Entertainment The Flash │ Backstage photos reveal that film will have two "Batmans"

New behind-the-scenes footage reveals that Michael Keaton won’t be the only Bruce Wayne to wear Batman’s uniform in The Flash, the long-awaited Scarlet Sprinter movie. Photos leaked on social media show a stuntman on the scene wearing the same costume we saw in Ben Affleck’s version of the hero.

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Like any image of its kind, you can’t see much—just enough for a few questions to be answered. In this case, we see the version of The Dark Knight introduced in DC’s Extended Cinematic Universe (DCEU) by Zack Snyder riding his batmoto.

The outfit used by the actor is slightly different in some details from what appeared on the big screen in Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice and Justice League and it’s not clear if we’re facing a variation of the costume or if it’s just because we’re seeing one. stunt and that the final look will be digitally adjusted in post-production.

Regardless of the answer, it is certain that this is Ben Affleck’s Batman, which confirms his participation in the film once and for all — something that was still open since the DCEU was completely reworked. Interestingly, this had been confirmed by the director of The Flash, Andy Muschietti, but the actor’s presence remained unknown after the various comings and goings of Warner regarding the future of its superheroes and the participation of Michael Keaton .

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That way, we’ll have two “Batmans” appearing to support Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, in addition to what appears to be a new Supergirl. Taking into account that, according to rumors, the film will adapt the Flashpoint saga, this all fits in with the mess in reality caused by the Flash after an unsuccessful time travel. It remains to be seen if we will have such a reboot that many speculate.