6 hours Twitter Market reveals increase in requests for removal of posts from journalists and media

6 hours Twitter Market reveals increase in requests for removal of posts from journalists and media

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A transparency report published by Twitter on Wednesday (14) shows that, in 2020, there was an increase in requests from governments around the world to withdraw content published by journalists and news outlets. The countries that most requested removals were India, Turkey, Pakistan and Russia.

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According to the document, 199 profiles suffered 361 legal demands of this type in the second half of 2020 — 26% more than in the first half of the year. In the end, Twitter removed five tweets. It is the first time that the platform has released this type of data: until now, it has not monitored these requests.

The information comes at a time when social media platforms (such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) are facing government investigation into the content published on their domains. Some countries started to prevent or restrict access to social networks.

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On Monday (12), for example, the Cuban government limited access to Facebook and messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram due to protests against the administration. In June, Nigeria abolished the country’s Twitter and requested that radio and TV stations not use the platform to gather information.

The social network has been involved in several conflicts with countries over content rules for social media. Last week, the company said it had hired an interim compliance chief in India and plans to select other executives to comply with those standards.

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According to the company, its algorithms automatically identify more than 65% of abusive content and send them for review, instead of just relying on user reports. The transparency report says that views of tweets that violated the platform’s rules represent less than 0.1% of the global total in the second half of 2020.

The social network has struggled, as have similar media, to control hate speech, misinformation and other abuses. Jack Dorsey, the platform’s CEO, was one of the executives interviewed in Congress in March about misinformation.

This week, after Italy’s victory over England in the Champions League, social networks were invaded by racist attacks on black players on the English team. The platforms then came back to be criticized for hate speech.