How to Forget Wi-Fi Network on Android Phone

How to Forget Wi-Fi Network on Android Phone

Android phones store a variety of data and information, such as the Wi-Fi networks you connect to, automatically saving them so you don’t have to type in the network password each time you want to use it.

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As we use our cell phones, the Wi-Fi list grows. So, if you want to delete some or forget them to avoid causing any risk to your security and privacy, know that this process is quite simple.

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We teach you below how not to automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network saved on your device. The walkthrough below was made from Xiaomi device, but it can be fully played on any Android device, so we highlighted some differences in the process in the tutorial.

Forget the Wi-Fi network that your Android phone is connected to

Step 1: Access the “Settings” application from your cell phone; depending on your device manufacturer, you will need to access a tab called “Connections”; scroll the screen and go to “Wireless” or “Wi-Fi”.

Access your settings to enter the connectivity part (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 2: If your Wi-Fi is not turned on, you need to connect it by sliding the switch in the upper right corner of your screen, which will automatically display the list of networks you are connected to or nearby.

Turn on your Wi-Fi networks to proceed (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 3: Choose the network you want to disconnect. As it varies by manufacturer, in some cases just tap and hold and a dialog box will open; in others, you need to tap to move to the next screen and scroll to the end. In both cases, a button that says “Forget” will appear.

Select the network and click forget the network (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Ready! Your cell phone will be disconnected from the network and when your Wi-Fi is on it will not connect to it automatically. If you want to reconnect, just locate the network and enter the password.