Review Haylou RT | Does the low price make it a good alternative for the Mi Band 6?

Review Haylou RT |  Does the low price make it a good alternative for the Mi Band 6?

The fitness tracker Haylou RT, which is characterized by many as a smartwatch, is the novelty belonging to the portfolio of yet another accessory brand subsidiary of Xiaomi. The device brings familiar features for those accustomed to wearing smart bracelets.

With great autonomy, compatibility with Android system, and highly popular tools in this product category, we have fundamental characteristics for it to be seen with an interesting option.

In addition, the low price and the larger screen can make it an attractive alternative for daily use, especially for those who do not need a more independent device. But, do these differentials really make Haylou RT a better option than Mi Bands? Check out the full review!


  • High battery life
  • Low price
  • Constant and accurate tracking


  • Only six watch faces options
  • Fewer types of exercises compared to competitors
  • Has no Portuguese translation
  • Protection IP68 “fake”


Design and Construction

The Haylou RT has a circular shape, visually resembling the most premium smartwatches. However, it is all built in plastic, helping even to lower the price in relation to other devices.

Even with 50.4 grams it is not too heavy on the wrist, either when using it as a smart accessory or for physical activities. And this perception is important, even, for the female audience, where more robust models are more uncomfortable on the wrist.

However, the use of this type of material in its construction does not leave it fragile, as it is possible to feel a good resistance in daily use. On the right side there are two quick access buttons, but they are limited, as the upper one only turns the screen on and off, or completely deactivates the clock.

The bottom is a shortcut to the sports area, but it does not allow selecting, being an unnecessary addition, since it does not help the user to avoid touching the display all the time.

And speaking of the screen, it is 1.23 inch TFT in 240 x 240 resolution, an interesting size for this type of device. With the brightness at maximum, the visibility of the content is not so hindered by sunlight, proving to be a well-adjusted option in this regard.

Haylou RT screen (Image: Ivo / FreeGameGuide)

On the back there are the sensors responsible for reading different options present in the Haylou RT, including heartbeat. In the same area are the charging connectors, which are magnetic, and have their own cable for use in the outlet, which comes with a USB port to insert it into the outlet charger or plug into the corresponding port of any device.

For users who like customizations, there are not many changes that can be made to the external look of the device, only the replacement of the silicone bracelets, which are easy to remove and clean.

Internally, an important technology that can be found in it is the IP68 certification, which offers protection against dust and dust. However, even with cheaper and simpler options being usable in other activities, Haylou RT has a “fake” use.

I say this in quotes because there are limitations in the use, being patched by the manufacturer only against damage caused by sweat, rain and bathing. The company also makes it clear that there is no guaranteed protection in activities that require even more contact with water, such as surfing, diving and sauna.

Configuration and Performance

Because it does not have its own operating system, Haylou RT has a greater dependence on connection with the cell phone. So, it is ideal to have the device always close by for the operation to be more useful.

His interface is very intuitive, with flashy icons that help to “camouflage” the lack of translation into Portuguese, as the numbers are a good size for using the screen.

Haylou RT resources (Imagme: Ivo / FreeGameGuide)

The manufacturer does not report the amount of internal memory or RAM, but the watch is able to keep some data in cache to be synchronized with the smartphone when turning on Bluetooth. However, it is important not to have this option all the time, stay constantly connected to the device.

During use, there are no crashes, navigation is normal. When compared to smartbands and smartwatches, there is no doubt that there is a slower speed, but those who adapt quickly, will get used to it and will stop feeling it on a daily basis.

Physical Monitoring

Just as the definition says that it is a fitness tracker, using Haylou RT for daily movements and physical activities is something that conveys a lot of comfort to the user, as the accessory reacts in a positive way.

In the resources menu, it brings some very interesting options, such as “Status”, in which the main traces are shown in detail, such as step count and distance traveled.

In this area of ​​tools, the possibility of reading the heartbeat is also present, with an animation that displays the level of the heart, a good way to analyze how the average frequency is.

Haylou RT sports options (Image: Ivo / FreeGameGuide)

In “Sports” there are 12 activities that can have their own monitoring, varying according to the movements that each one has as a standard. Among the activities are: running, walking, treadmill, yoga, football, basketball and swimming.

Currently, Xiaomi has focused a lot on indoor exercises – at home – but there are still some important alternatives for this purpose in Haylou RT, even the most popular workouts, such as abdominal and push-up.

On the days of the Reviews, I used the device to find out how I was doing on the exercise bike. However, as the equipment has its own monitor, it was possible to compare the data and on the watch the difference in the calculation of calories was noticeable, even with compatibility in the heartbeat.

As the information is captured, to access it later, it is necessary to connect the accessory with the “Haylou Fun” application, which can be downloaded for Android and iOS. As soon as the device is turned on, the QR code appears to scan with the cell phone and go directly to the download page.

On the app’s home screen, there is already some important information to learn about your fitness, heart rate and current weight. Because it can be used with other fitness trackers, some features are left with no activity record.


When accessing the “Sport” tab, three exercise options are shown: walking, running and cycling. When you click start, an alert is issued and the time count starts, as well as tracking the area covered.

In “Mine” are the profile data, which are entered manually. There are also the version of the application and the configuration that makes it possible to synchronize with Google Fit, keeping the records in the account to redeem later on another device.

Accessing the watch model, there are other adjustments that can be made, such as watch faces, which are 12 complementary options to the six that are already on the watch, totaling 18.

However, customization is also present in the application, where the function of exchanging the background image for a photo from the gallery, or selfie taken at the moment, in addition to the color of the time between several alternatives, is already present. But, unfortunately, the preview is better than the reality, because the quality of the screen leaves the image with many apparent pixels.

As its face is changeable, in this menu area there are complementary elements to use, such as battery percentage, heart rate sensor adjustment, alarm clock, sedentary warning and more.

The functioning of Haylou RT’s functions depends on Bluetooth and GPS connected all the time, which consumes more smartphone battery, and this can be considered a major negative point.


The fact of having Bluetooth 5.0, shows that the manufacturer is focused on giving technology to the model, together with the expected improvements, in relation to its predecessor.

Despite the need to be connected to the cell phone to actually record some data, it is possible that the watch creates a cache of this information so that the feature is not activated all the time on the smartphone.

With this, Haylou RT takes advantage of this short-term storage and, when turning on Bluetooth, makes these elements to be tracked and recorded in the own application installed on the smartphone.

For notifications, the fitness tracker needs to be connected to the cell phone at all times, as it does not have an independence in this regard. Therefore, to have a preview of messages, it is necessary to keep wireless communication enabled.

Battery and Charging

According to the company, the 300 mAh battery has a durability of 15 days, however, in practical use, the battery life reaches more than 20 days, even with the heart rate monitor active 24 hours a day and the screen brightness on maximum.

Compared to the Mi Band 6, this durability allows charging only once a month to be more than enough for use, since there is an opportunity to disable the automatic cardiovascular reader.

And speaking of charge, to reach full energy, it is necessary to leave the accessory plugged in the socket for an hour, being a great positive point of the wearables without their own system, as is the case with this one.

I believe that the battery lasted the period predicted by the manufacturer because I left it with maximum brightness and constant cardiac tracking at all times. However, reducing the display light and deactivating the feature, it may be up to a month.

Direct Competitors

Even with the shape of a watch, the Haylou RT still has similarities of use, sensor and interface with the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. However, compared to the smart bracelet, it loses weight and features focused on physical exercises.

But, the bigger screen and the long battery life can be the essential differentials for those who are interested in the device to buy it, as it becomes a more useful option in the practice of activities.

Because it is an evolved version of Haylou Solar, it brings better watch faces, a brighter screen and more vivid icons, upgrades that help bring improvements to the user experience.

So, having the predecessor as a comparison, the purchase of the new version can be positive in these aspects presented, mainly considering that there was no increase in the price with the progress applied in the new generation.

Technical specifications

  • Body size: 45.5 mm x 12.4 mm
  • Strap width: 22 mm
  • Watch weight (with bracelet): 50.4 g
  • Screen: 1.28 inch TFT
  • Resolution: 240 x 240
  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • Heart rate sensor, acceleration sensor
  • Battery: 300 mAh
  • Average duration: 15 days (24-hour heart rate monitoring)
  • System requirements: Android 6.0 and higher; iOS 11.0 and higher
  • IP68 certified
  • Application: Haylou Fun
  • Sports modes: outdoor running, treadmill, brisk walking, cycling, climbing, spinning, yoga, free training, gymnastics, basketball, football and rowing


Haylou RT is a good fitness tracker option for those who want to upgrade their display size, avoiding the smaller format of smart wristbands. However, the fact that there are few options for recording physical activities can be a barrier for those who are physically active.

The interface directly integrated with the application makes the watch always dependent on the smartphone so that important information is not lost in daily use. However, for those who wish to practice exercises without taking their cell phones to the street, for security reasons, the accessory cache allows the use of such an alternative for later synchronization with the mobile device.

Something that bothers me a lot is the lack of a translation into Portuguese, as other options have, greatly limiting the capacity of the device and creating a barrier at the time of purchase for those who have no knowledge of English.

Haylou RT (Image: Ivo / FreeGameGuide)

This ends up being a little inconsistent, …