Brands and professionals will have new features on their Twitter profiles

Brands and professionals will have new features on their Twitter profiles

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This Thursday (22), Twitter showed the new face of commercial profiles on the social network. Aimed at companies, organizations and institutions, “Professional profiles” have more information at the top, including new buttons, to facilitate in-person visits and online contact between customers and brands.

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According to Twitter, the commercial pages were launched as a test for a shortlist of companies in the United States. The objective, in addition to giving credibility to identifying companies, is to have more information right on the main screen, so that quick doubts can be resolved on the first visit.

According to the image released by the social network, the “About” section is the biggest highlight: just below the basic profile information, the area displays the company’s address, website link, opening hours and, finally, buttons to show the way to her via the map and to obtain the registered means of contact.

(Image: Playback / Twitter)

Details on the availability of Twitter Business are still a mystery. The platform does not mention restrictions on who can adopt the commercial profiles, nor whether they need to have the verification seal to become a company. In addition, it is not known whether there are hidden privileges in profile management, such as viewing the number of accesses and other information compiled to account for the reach of publications.

If distribution is restricted to companies rated by Twitter, professional accounts will also serve as identifiers. Dates were not presented by the bird’s network, but she says that more accounts will have access to “professional profiles” in the coming months.

More news may be on the way, but it remains to wait until they are properly presented.