30 sec Smartphone How to dispose of old cell phones correctly

30 sec Smartphone How to dispose of old cell phones correctly

Hey guys! Do you know when your smartphone has served you for a long time, but now it has reached the end of its useful life, and it is no longer worth replacing parts? In that case, it is better to buy a newer model for you to enjoy. 💙

It is that a lot of people know how to take care and preserve the cell phone well, thus, they even last much longer than expected by the manufacturers. But, naturally they stop working and end up being left aside or being replaced. But people, in these cases, the old devices should not go to waste, okay? 📱

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Because they are electronic, they end up not being bio-degradable and may even have chemical components in the battery. So, they cannot be burned or buried, they need to undergo selective collection. There they can even be reused in some other way and disposed of correctly. This is a way to preserve our home and protect the environment. ♻️

So today I came to give an important tip for those who have old cell phones stored in the drawer. Just take a look. 😉

How to Dispose of Old Cell Phones

People, to preserve the environment and dispose of cell phones in the correct way, in fact, it is quite simple. Just look! The correct way to dispose of an old cell phone is to take it to stores and operators. There they have a separate selective collection basket for them.🧺

In some cities there are also cooperatives that collect “electronic waste”, usually they have a basket that is specific for older cell phones, as well as batteries. 🔋

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Ah! And as this is an initiative that has gained a lot of prominence, nowadays there are also collection baskets for old smartphones in banks, supermarkets and other public spaces. So it is important to always keep an eye on. So you can easily find a place to dispose of your old cell phone.

Ready! These were some tips on how to dispose of old cell phones. Did you like the article? Share these tips with your friends.🥰