How to increase your privacy on Telegram

How to enable two-step verification in Telegram

Telegram (Android | iOS | web) is an instant messaging application best known for being focused on privacy and security. In addition, it has several features that serve as inspiration for WhatsApp, such as the emergence of stickers, for example.

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Telegram messages are stored in their own clouds, unlike WhatsApp which, for the user to save their conversation and file history, makes use of iCloud or Google Drive, that is, if the user is not concerned about backing up your files, if deleted, can no longer be accessed. Learn how to increase the privacy and security of your Telegram.

How to restrict who has access to your Telegram contact

In Telegram it is possible to configure so that the user is only found by his contact list. See below how to configure this option:

Step 1: open the Telegram main menu and select the “Settings” option;

Select App Settings (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

Step 2: then choose “Privacy and Security” and tap “Phone Number”;

Under Privacy and Security, tap the phone number (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

Step 3: within “Telephone Number” there are three options that will guarantee, or not, the maximum privacy in Telegram, being able to have access to your phone all users of the application, only your contacts or even, no one. Select the desired option.

Select who can see your contact (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

How to use secret Telegram chats

One of the most well-known functions of Telegram is secret chats, which have end-to-end encryption, where it is possible to delete messages or files whenever you want, including data already sent, schedule messages to self-destruct and warn when screen shots of the conversation, plus the app doesn’t store anything in the cloud at all.

Step 1: On the home screen, click the icon to create a message;

Touch the create message icon (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

Step 2: choose “New Secret Chat”;

Tap the option to create secret chat (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

Step 3: Select the contacts you want to chat with.

Add contacts to your secret chat (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

Logging out of your Telegram account from another device

Many people use messaging applications both on their cell phones and on their PCs. Do you think you forgot to open it on any web device? Logging out is very simple.

Step 1: start by opening the Telegram main menu and select the “Settings” option;

Touch Settings (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

Step 2: tap on “Privacy and security” and then “Active Sessions”;

Select active sessions (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

Step 3: Here, and when choosing “Active Sessions”, you will see the list of open sessions, choosing the ones you want to close.

End active sessions on other devices (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

Ready! Now you know some resources to increase your privacy within Telegram!