“Pelotas de Cyberpunk 2077” amuse the web with bizarre bug

"Pelotas de Cyberpunk 2077" amuse the web with bizarre bug

ATTENTION: below are NSFW images, that is, better to see at home or when you are alone – although what the content shows is not a secret to anyone, right?

Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most anticipated games of recent years and, finally, is among us. Even during the gestation period, the developer had already said that she would treat sexuality and adult themes with some naturalness, including nudity, mention of drugs and violence, among other things. But what gamers didn’t expect is that a bizarre bug would make digital creatures so at ease.

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According to several PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, in addition to failures in dropping frame rates and crashes, the genitals of the characters are “escaping” in several situations. In Cyberpunk 2077, you can customize your genitals, choosing between a penis and a vagina – and even different types and sizes.

However, apparently, after personalization, a bug has caused customized penises to stay “out of the box” all the time. Then there was no way, the web did not forgive – in fact, he even liked it and has been having fun with the glitch.

And, apparently, this has also happened to the breasts.

Literally could not have asked for a better first bug (nsfw) from r/gaming

Well, although CD Projekt Red has a more open attitude towards sexuality issues, it is very unlikely that this is part of the game. For now, the Polish developer has not yet specifically commented on this problem, but she has said that she has been trying to fix a wide range of problems identified at launch.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is now available on Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, PC Windows 10 and Xbox One. The title can be played on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X via backwards compatibility and these consoles should receive an optimized version soon.