Mother throws away her son’s game collection valued at R $ 2.6 million

Mother throws away her son's game collection valued at R $ 2.6 million

Collecting is not only a form of personal satisfaction, but also an investment for many people. In the case of games, having a rare version of a console or game can mean having a good amount of money saved, since the resale of these products can go beyond the hundreds of thousands of reais. However, all of this can go away with a carelessness, especially if your mother decides to throw all this “old stuff” in the trash.

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It happened with a young man from New York who works in a game store in the city. He posted on his Twitter (the post has now been deleted) that he found out that his mother had played over 500,000 games, his old consoles and accessories in the trash.

According to the boy, the set was valued at US $ 500 thousand, which represents more than US $ 2.6 million. “I just found out that my mom, a few years ago, threw away ALL of my PS1 games. More than 500 games, half still sealed. I’m going to kill one, ”he said through the social network.

The point is that the boy had left the boxes at his mother’s house and she thought it was just old things with no value. According to the report, she discarded all consoles, even the rare ones. “My Ataris, Coleco, Famicom, Super Famicom, Turbografx, PCE, Neo Geo AES, Mega Drive, Master System … basically all the devices and games I never took with me”, he commented.

The boy still had steering wheels, batteries and other game accessories that were also discarded. With that you can see that there was a lot in the garage of the boy’s mother. So, here’s the tip: when you leave home, take your entire collection with you.