Sega hints at possible Xbox Series X release date

Sega hints at possible Xbox Series X release date

The new game from the Yakuza series may have revealed the launch day, or at least one window, of the Xbox Series X. Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be released on November 13 and SEGA has confirmed that it will be possible to play it on the new console now. on the premiere date.

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This means that in order for Yakuza: Like a Dragon to be playable on the Xbox Series X when it launches, the console must also be available. Thus, the new video game would need to reach stores between November 1st and 13th.

Of course, this still doesn't set a date for the arrival of the new Microsoft console, but it further reduces the launch window. Initially, the company said it would arrive only in 2020. Then it started talking about the arrival of the Xbox Series X towards the end of the year; recently, he cut the month of November for that.

One possible date that fits all windows is the 6th of November. Journalist Tom Warren of The Verge said he received a photo of the label on the Xbox Series X controls from an informant. On the packaging, there is a warning not to sell or display the device before November 6.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the latest game in the Sega series and will tell the story of Kasuga Ichiban, from the Tojo clan. The franchise brings a mix of action with a deep narrative about the Japanese criminal organization.

The title will also be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.