Learn how to install Fortnite on your Android phone or tablet

Learn how to install Fortnite on your Android phone or tablet

The Fortnite first-person shooter, removed yesterday from the Apple and Google app stores, remains available on the Samsung app store. Owners of Android phones from other brands can also install the success of Epic Games, but with a few extra steps. Follow the text and learn how not to miss the new season of the game.

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Removing the game from the app stores threatens to leave out Fortnite chapter two, season four players. At least on the Android system it is possible to install the game "outside" and check the news of the next update.

Season 3 of Chapter 2 brought flags, flooded map and even Aquaman (image: Epic Games)

Fortnite: system requirements

Game with elaborate graphics, Fortnite requires a powerful cell phone to run. The system requirements listed by Epic are a bit complicated – due to the number of components and manufacturers on Android – but we list them below:

  • Operating system: Android 8.0 (or higher), in 64-bit version;
  • RAM memory: 4 GB;
  • GPU: Adreno 530, Mali-G71MP20, Mali-G72MP12 (or higher).

In practice, the list includes top-of-the-line phones launched in the past three or four years, while eliminating the majority of intermediate phones.

Fortnite is one of the successes of the Galaxy Store (image: Rubens Eishima / FreeGameGuide)

Install Fortnite on Samsung Galaxy phones

In the case of the Galaxy line, the process is simple, since the app store takes care to check if the phone is compatible with Fortnite. Just open the Galaxy Store and search for "Epic Games", name of the launcher used to open the game – another option is to access the game page in the Samsung store.

Don't be surprised, Fortnite is installed by the Epic Games app (image: Rubens Eishima / FreeGameGuide)

After installing the Epic Games app, you need to download additional content, shown below from step # 6. At this stage it is recommended to connect to a Wi-Fi network, as many megabytes of data will be downloaded.

Install Fortnite on an Android phone

In the case of other Android phones and tablets, you need to install the Epic Games application “outside”, responsible for downloading and opening Fortnite.

Step 1: access the Epic Games website;

Address can automatically direct to download (image: Rubens Eishima / FreeGameGuide)

Step 2: click on the button “Guarantee now in the Epic Games application” and then confirm the file download;

Screen to download varies depending on the browser, but the steps are similar (image: Rubens Eishima / FreeGameGuide)

Step 3: when the download is finished, open the downloaded APK file, which should have the name starting with “FortniteInstaller”;

Step 4: Android can ask for permission to install the APK file. in this case, first tap on "Settings";

Depending on the phone, the system will ask for permission before installing the game (image: Rubens Eishima / FreeGameGuide)

Step 5: then activate the option “Allow from this source” and tap the arrow on the left to install the app;

Step may be unnecessary on some phones and browsers (image: Rubens Eishima / FreeGameGuide)

Step 6: open the Epic Games app and select Fortnite;

Launcher also offers Battle Breakers, choose the desired option (image: Rubens Eishima / FreeGameGuide)

Step 7: tap the “Install” option and wait for the download. Connect to a Wi-Fi network to avoid surprises in the cell phone franchise;

Before installation, make sure you are connected to a fast Wi-Fi network (image: Rubens Eishima / FreeGameGuide)

Step 8: complete the registration, create your character, learn the mechanics of the game and good luck.

File transfer takes a few minutes (image: Rubens Eishima / FreeGameGuide)

The soap opera just started

The Galaxy Store was the store where the game debuted on cell phones, before Epic Games yielded to commissions from 30% of the giants. Yesterday, Epic got tired of leaving 30% of the sales of the items of its success in the App Store and Play Store and openly provoked the stores, sneakily embedding a payment system that circumvented the (mandatory) commission of those responsible for Android and iOS.

The reaction was properly choreographed, with a teaser video released shortly after the (expected) removal of the game by Apple on the App Store, followed by a lawsuit in the United States, alleging anti-competitive practices. A few hours later, Google followed the rival and also removed Fortnite from the Play Store.

The game's debut at the Galaxy Store two years ago was entitled to exclusivity at the Samsung store. Later, cell phone owners of other brands won the option to download the game from Epic Games' website, using the company's launcher. Until the parties understand each other, this will be the way to check the news of the game.