Hawk and the Winter Soldier has release delayed at Disney +

Hawk and the Winter Soldier has release delayed at Disney +

Expected in August 2020, it was a surprise when Falcão and the Winter Soldier didn't appear on the Disney + release list for next month. What has been predicted by some has happened: the pandemic continues to affect the industry and Marvel series may take longer than expected to debut.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Disney + hopes to be able to reveal a new release date for the series soon. Falcão and the Winter Soldier was just weeks away from finishing recording when production was suspended in Prague, but there is no information on the extent to which the release was hampered. Another series that is more or less in the same situation is WandaVision, which still had some pending filming, according to actress Kathryn Hahn.

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Image: Marvel

WandaVision, however, still has time, since its premiere is scheduled for December 2020. Before that, another long-awaited series may have its release postponed: the second season of The Mandalorian, Star Wars spin off, has come to an end. before the industry lockdown and is due to arrive at Disney streaming in October. Another Marvel series on the way, Loki, is expected in 2021, so it has much more time to resolve any delays on the agenda.

Last week, information from The Hollywood Reporter revealed that directors had been hired for yet another series, Hawkeye, the fourth series of superheroes on the Disney streaming platform. The series focused on Gavião Arqueiro is expected by the end of 2021, but it is not the last series production of Casa das Ideias that awaits us in the not too distant future.

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Marvel is also preparing the She-Hulk and Moon Knight series, which already have their screenwriters tied to the project, but have yet to debut, although there is speculation about a release in 2022.