Application closing alone? Learn how to solve this problem in 5 steps

Application closing alone? Learn how to solve this problem in 5 steps

If an application closes alone on your smartphone, there are several problems that may be leading to its interruption, ranging from full memory to the need to update the app itself, which is common.

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In short: solving the problem of an application that closes alone is not at all difficult: it is enough that the root of it is located. Next, check out some reasons that may be leading to an application malfunctioning on your smartphone.

Application that closes alone: ​​full storage

The full storage is responsible for several problems in the functioning of the cell phone, ranging from files that do not open to applications that close on their own. Therefore, the first thing that must be done is to check the space occupied on your smartphone. This can be done directly in the ‘’ Settings ”menu and then, under“ Device support ”, access the“ Storage ”option. In the case of the iPhone, go to "Settings"> "General".

Whenever possible, delete as much as possible all unnecessary files that are occupying the device's storage, be they images, documents or videos. Uninstall applications that are not in use, as they can also compromise the progress of the system.

An application may close on its own due to full storage (Screenshot: Ariane Velasco)

Application that closes alone: ​​full cache

Clearing the cache of the application that closes alone can be a good solution, since it can take up too much storage on your smartphone and cause it to present problems. Thus, in addition to unwanted files and applications, also clear the cache of the app that is working incorrectly and also of other tools that are also used.

This can be done in the settings of your smartphone, accessing the option "Applications> Storage" and selecting the desired application. On the iPhone, the option is found in "Settings> General> Applications".

Avoid clearing an application’s cache too often (Screenshot: Ariane Velasco)

Application that closes alone: ​​outdated software

The updates serve to correct possible bugs in applications and also in operating systems, in addition to bringing new features to the interface and operation of your Android or iOS. So if an application closes on its own, it could be because your smartphone software is out of date.

To check for updates on Android, access the settings and tap on the “Software updates” option. On iOS, just go to “Settings> General> Software Update”.

Update your smartphone software to prevent an application from closing on its own (Screenshot: Ariane Velasco)

Application that closes alone: ​​application needs to be updated

If an application closes on its own, it may be that it is no longer working properly and needs to be updated. In this case, just go to the Google Play Store or the App Store, in the case of the iPhone, and search for the name of the application to make the necessary update. You can also check if there are any pending updates to your smartphone settings by accessing the “Applications” menu.

Another very simple option is to reinstall the application, since the uninstallation will remove all data stored in it and, thus, exclude possible malfunctions.

Check if the "Update" option is available (Screenshot: Ariane Velasco)

Application that closes alone: ​​problem may be on the platform

If an application closes alone, we are automatically led to think that the problem is in our smartphone. However, this is not always the case. It may be that the error is in the application itself – and that the developers are already working to fix it.

To check if an application or website is experiencing internal failures, access the Downdetector (which is also available in the Android and iOS application format) and search the app to see if more people have detected failures in its operation. It is also worth asking friends who have the same app or even on social networks.

Touch the application that is closing alone or search for it (Screenshot: Ariane Velasco)

Bonus: your internet may be in trouble

Finally, this is the simplest solution. If an application closes on its own, you may be experiencing problems on the internet. Therefore, check your 3G, 4G or WiFi connection. It is also worth restarting your smartphone if the connection takes too long to be reestablished.

Check your internet connection – if necessary, call the operator (Screenshot: Ariane Velasco)

These are some solutions for applications that close themselves – that can be easily executed. Do you know of any others that worked on your device? Tell us in the comments!