New app offers over 8,000 hours of exercise to do in quarantine

New app offers over 8,000 hours of exercise to do in quarantine

The pandemic of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) forced the closure of most establishments considered non-essential – among them, the gyms. With that, it was necessary a re-education – and a certain determination – about what to do to stay healthy at home and, at the same time, continue to profit in the midst of the crisis. And it is more or less with this idea that the app YUp!

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Available for Android and iOS devices, it offers over 8,000 hours of exercise and over 350 video lessons to do at home. There are several training modalities, such as crossfit, yoga, pilates, weight training and martial arts.

According to the developer, each video lesson costs R $ 1.30 and all the money raised goes to academies and instructors that are partners of the platform, in addition to hospitals and philanthropic movements that are helping to combat COVID-19.

YUp! offers more than 8 thousand hours of exercises to do at home (Photo: Disclosure / YUp!)

The YoooUp group already has a training platform in which the user only pays for the hour of training in several gyms. According to the service's expansion manager, Fábio de Lucca, YUp! arrives to help students, individual instructors and academies in this moment of social isolation, but will continue to act even after the quarantine ends.

"Many people will return to the gyms, but others will prefer to train at the time and place they want, without the need to travel. And YUp! Will be a great ally," explains Lucca. "We are committed to providing total satisfaction to our customers and partners, evenly. For this, our goal is to bring together the entire health and well-being ecosystem ", he concludes.

Availability of lives is in the group's plans (Photo: Disclosure / YUp!)

In addition to video classes, the app will soon also offer live training, so users can interact with teachers. "The main objective is to diversify the experience of performing physical activities, offering the client the possibility to choose the one that best fits in their day to day", concludes the executive.

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