19 min Consoles Xbox One X: DO NOT BUY before you know this LIMITED EDITION!

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Xbox One X: DO NOT BUY before you know this LIMITED EDITION!

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Fans of the Gears of War franchise will love it: the Xbox One limited edition of Gears of War is available on Amazon at a discounted price! It's your chance to take the console with a customized look and a bundle of games from the series.

And when you buy with Amazon, you are protected by Warranty A to Z against any setbacks involving the delivery or condition of the product received, and you can buy a lot with free shipping – all items that are part of Amazon Day have free shipping, by the way!

About Xbox One X

One of the most powerful consoles today, Xbox One X is also more compact than the original Xbox One and features new cooling grilles across its side and rear extension. This ensures heat dissipation and keeps components at the ideal temperature even when you play for hours and hours.

The device has an exclusive eight-core AMD chip, 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM and AMD Polaris GPU, plus 1 TB of storage. This set of hardware supports heavier games, including those in 4K, and the memory still offers 6 TFLOPS performance. The console, of course, also plays Blu-Rays with HDR, and games marked "Xbox One X Enhanced" have upscale so that images are displayed in 4K equivalent quality, even if your TV is only Full HD.

In this limited version of Gears of War 5, the console features a freeze-themed look, with the series' skull symbol at the top, as if trapped in a frozen lake. It also has some metal details that give the impression that it is a metallic device that froze when exposed in the snow.

What's more, the console already comes with codes to download almost the entire franchise – by purchasing the console, the player already gains download code for Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, Gears of War 4 and Gears of War 5 Ultimate Edition (version that comes with the season pass for all DLCs).

You can take Xbox One X with all these games in the Gears of War series, in addition to the latest title theme, for just R $ 2,999.90, installment value up to 10x without interest of R $ 299.99. It is a discount of almost R $ 1,000 in relation to the suggested price of this product, which is still eligible for free shipping!

Take the opportunity to guarantee 12 months of Live Gold for only R $ 129, and pay the diluted subscription in installments of your new console.

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