10 shortcut tips and features to save you time and productivity

10 shortcut tips and features to save you time and productivity

Countless times we use tools in our daily lives that we do not know all their functions. And, even if users know, it is possible that they end up forgetting some of them because they don't use them so often.

Because of this, we have separated 10 tips so that you can save time while performing daily tasks. With some of them, you will be able to turn an e-book into an audiobook, open links more easily, perform various actions on your notebook using the TouchPad, improve Google search and even change uppercase and lowercase letters using keyboard shortcuts. Check it out below.

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1. Transform an e-book into an audiobook

To save time, some users end up choosing to listen to audiobooks instead of using e-books. However, audiobooks are more difficult to find in stores, because not all of them offer this format, which requires more editing and availability.

However, users can use their iOS and Android devices to transform any e-book into an audiobook using the accessibility function that reads aloud all the content displayed on the screen.

Enable the accessibility function that will read everything that is displayed on the screen (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

To enable this function on iOS, just go to “Settings”, access the “Accessibility” menu, click on “Spoken Content” and enable the “Speak screen content” option. To enable the function on Android, users can access the “Settings” menu, click on “Accessibility” and enable the “TalkBack” function, which will also read aloud the items displayed on the screen.

2. Improve your Google search

You can improve your search on Google using some indicators to restrict and even exclude items from the search. If you use the minus sign “-” in a search, Google will remove all items after it from the search.

If you search for the option "Recipes – desserts", Google will not show options for recipes that contain the word "dessert". It is important to emphasize that the character “-” must be used as a subtraction, and not as a hyphen.

To help you find an item better, you can use quotes so that Google can find exactly what you’re looking for. If you search for “Nintendo Games”, the search engine will search, in any order, for the words you typed.

Type in Google the site and what you want to search for it (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Users who prefer to carry out their searches on a specific website can use the search engine “website: website address plus the search item” (website: canaltech.com.br technology tips).

3. Change capital letters to lower case

Certainly, you have already started to write a document and, when you noticed, you had the "Caps Lock" or "Fixed" key activated. Some users do not know, but it is not necessary to delete all the content and start from scratch, just select the text and press the “Shift + F3” keys for the uppercase letters to be changed to lowercase letters.

However, this shortcut is only available in Microsoft Word and Outlook tools. To change uppercase and lowercase letters in Google Docs, you can install a free add-on called “Change Case”. To install, just select the option “Add-ons” in the top menu and click on “Install add-ons”.

4. Use your old mobile devices

Mobile devices such as old cell phones and tablets can take on countless everyday functions that don't need as much processing. As these devices have several functions and applications integrated with their operating systems, they can still function as an alarm clock, calendar and even as an extra thumb drive, as they are capable of storing files.

5. Use voice assistants

Voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant can be used more often to help with everyday tasks. In many cases, users have many tasks to perform and many items to remember.

Under these conditions, users can count on the help of voice assistants. With them, it is possible to organize the calendar, activate alarms, call contacts in the calendar, put reminders and even start creating routines.

Create routines with your mobile devices' voice assistants (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

The use of voice assistants can save users time to perform other activities and, if they need to, they can access and change all the information that has been stored on the devices.

6. Use voice typing

Countless users have a tight schedule and often do not want to send an audio, or do not want to save reminders using audio files. Therefore, several smartphones and tablets have the option of voice typing, which allows the user to speak and the device to write the text.

This way, users can save time and do not need to open the editor every time they want to take notes or send messages. In addition to being practical, this option can prevent users from wasting time editing and correcting their texts.

7. Use the space bar to scroll the page

The mouse scroll button and the arrow keys are excellent resources that can be used to scroll a web page. However, the “Space” bar can also be used to perform this action. To scroll down a page, just tap on the “Space” bar and, to scroll up the page, press the “Shift + Space” keys.

8. Use the mouse wheel to open new tabs

In order not to miss a search page or leave the current tab, some users end up choosing to open links in new tabs. Instead of pressing the right mouse button and clicking “Open link in new tab” or copying the link and pasting it in a new tab, you can click on the links with the mouse wheel. This action will automatically open the page you want to access in a new tab.

9. Touchpad commands

If you use a notebook equipped with Windows 10 and are not using a mouse, there are a number of commands that you can use on the touchpad to perform quick actions on the screen without having to take your hand away from it.

In addition to using one finger to move the cursor, users can also use two fingers to scroll or zoom the web page. Using three fingers, it is possible to change or minimize the open program tabs on the notebook. With four fingers on the touchpad, you can switch between virtual desktops or open the Windows 10 action center.

You can see more touchpad settings in the "Settings" tab of Windows 10 (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

To access more touchpad settings, access the Windows 10 "Settings" menu, click "Devices" and, in the side menu, select the "Touchpad" option.

10. Use airplane mode to charge your phone faster

For users who use their phones a lot and often run out of battery, there is a possibility to charge them more quickly. Just enable the "Airplane Mode" of the devices while they are being loaded.

When you switch your device to "Airplane Mode", the phone will disable the reception of radio broadcasts and, as a result, the phone will charge faster. However, despite charging faster, this option will reduce the total charging time by less than 10 minutes. Then, analyze the need to use this function will suit your needs or not.

Ready! Now you can use these 10 tips to save time in your daily life, in addition to exploring new possibilities and features of the programs and devices you use frequently.