Facebook Messenger tests Instagram feature to share live status

Facebook Messenger tests Instagram feature to share live status

Apparently, you will soon be able to share your status automatically with friends on Facebook Messenger. The "Auto Status" feature was discovered by reverse engineering by programmer Jane Wong yesterday (30) and is in the development phase.

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The status sharing tool was initially implemented on Instagram at the end of last year, and allows you to automatically split your location, activity and even battery life with your contacts.

Auto Status is now available on Instagram Threads (Photo: Playback)

According to screenshots shared by the engineer on Twitter, the tool will allow you to choose the contacts who will be able to see your activities – which was to be expected, considering the privacy problems involving Facebook in the past. In other words, addresses will not be shared, only the types of places, such as "At the gym", "At the cafe", "At home" and so on. Thus, the corresponding emoji is placed over the profile image.

After the leak, a Facebook Messenger representative used his Twitter account to confirm the discovery. According to him, "we are always exploring new features to improve the experience of using Messenger". However, the tool is still undergoing internal testing.

Facebook Messenger is available for Android and iOS smartphones.