New trailer and images from The Walking Dead show character as Whisperer

New trailer and images from The Walking Dead show character as Whisperer

ATTENTION! This article contains spoilers for the 10th season of TWD.

The Walking Dead is about to make its comeback on February 23, 2020, when AMC will again air the second half of season 10 with the ninth episode. In celebration of the proximity of the date, a new trailer (which is more for a production comment) and some new images were revealed.

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“Negan is with them now. This can open up a series of possibilities ”, comments executive producer Denise Huth in the video. The actor who plays the villain, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, agrees with her: "You never know what he's going to think about anything."


The arc that forms in this second half of the tenth season seems to be more centered on internal conflicts within the Whisperers: Negan joins the group to try to win the trust of its leader, Alpha (played by Samantha Morton). This puts him on a collision course with Beta, the group's second in command (played by Ryan Hurst, the “Opie Winston” of Sons of Anarchy).

The production team assures fans that "very big things" are going to happen in this part of the season, "right from the start," said the series' Chief Content Officer (CCO) Scott Gimple. So we can only wait until February 23rd to see if they will make good on that promise.