Google Photos: How to download all your images at once

Google Photos: How to download all your images at once

Google Photos is a factory-installed cloud image storage service on Android phones, but can also be accessed from any computer, iPhone, or iPad. In it, the user saves and synchronizes their files with other devices, being possible to download and organize them within the service itself.

If you are a Google Photos user but don't know how to download all of your images from the service at once, then you have come to the right article. Learn how to use Takeout to export your complete library.

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Google Photos: How to download all images

Takeout is the tool that lets you export data and files stored on Google services like Google Drive, Chrome or Keep. For this tutorial, we will use the tool to download the photos you have stored in Google Photos from any device.

The full tutorial on using Takeout to download other data from your Google Account is provided in the article below:

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To download all your photos from Google Photos at once, do the following:

  • Enter the Takeout page;
  • Sign in with your user account, the same one you use with Google Photos;
  • Select the "Uncheck All" option in blue;

Entering Takeout to download your files / Screenshot: Bruno Salutes
  • Scroll down until you find "Google Photos";
  • By checking this option, select "All included photo albums";

Select "Google Photos" to upload your images / Screenshot: Bruno Salutes
  • Click "Ok" in the popup that will open;
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click "Next Step";

After selecting "Google Photos", go one step / Screenshot: Bruno Salutes
  • Now select how you want to download your files and click "Create File".

Create file with all your stock images / Screenshot: Bruno Salutes

Once the file is available for download you will receive a link in your email (the same one you use in Google Photos) to download it. Remember that you will have to wait a few minutes (or even hours, depending on the volume of images) before Google sends the transfer link.

You can export your data as many times as you like through Takeout. Once downloaded, you can also permanently remove them from Google Photos and save them to another location, such as an external memory card or hard drive.

What about you, or have you used Google Photos? How do you save all your photos? Tell us in the comments.