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Square Enix has revealed a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirthsecond part of the remake of Final Fantasy VII, classic RPG from the days of the first PlayStation. In the video revealed during State of Play, in addition to several details that return in the remake, the game’s release date was announced, which will arrive on February 29, 2024.

During Sony’s State of Play presentation, Square Enix showed a video full of scenes that will make fans of Final Fantasy VII vibrate. This is because the trailer shows some characters such as Cait Sith, Zack and Vincent Valentine, all of whom will be part of the reimagined plot in Rebirth.

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The video also shows some sequences that fans thought would be left out of the new version of the game, such as the variety of Chocobos, with different colors and characteristics and the entire Golden Saucer part. The amusement park, where players could participate in some activities, is not only present in the new game, but several of the old minigames have also received updated versions.

The plot should follow in the footsteps of the first part of the remake, showing a reality a little different from that seen in the 1997 game, but familiar enough not to seem like something completely new.

Another element that draws attention is the presence of classic summons, such as Odin, in addition to the history with Weapons, beings that have already appeared in other episodes of the franchise, but that play an important role as super-bosses in Final Fantasy VII. The fact that they are present in Rebirth presents an extra challenge for players, as they are extremely strong enemies, bordering on ridiculous at times.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have an exclusive release for the PlayStation 5, with physical versions arriving on two discs, which already guarantees that it will take up an absolutely ridiculous size of the console’s storage. The second part of the RPG remake will hit stores on February 29th.

The game will also be released in a version with the first part of the story, but if you want to save money, you can try to secure the collector’s edition of the game, complete with an exclusive statue of Sephiroth.

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It’s almost cowardly to release it like that!

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