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History repeats itself and, just as it happened in the original classic, the months-long wait for us to see the end of this story is finally over. This Thursday (21), Capcom finally releases the DLC Separate Ways for Resident Evil 4 Remake, bringing Ada Wong’s vision of the events of Ashley’s rescue by agent Leon Kennedy. And, just like the game from almost 20 years ago, this addition tries to go beyond being just another “phase” for the title.

Baptized in Brazil as Different Paths, the addition takes place parallel to the events of the main campaign. O FreeGameGuide had access to a small sample of what appears to be the beginning of this alternative journey, with Ada starting her route in the castle of Ramón Salazar, with the mission to obtain the Amber containing a sample of the Las Plagas parasite.

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As anyone who played the original knows, the protagonist’s alignment is not fully connected to the objective. Likewise, the remake also doesn’t tell the complete story, with Separate Ways being the initial episode necessary to complete the cycle of the remake of resident Evil 4 and bring players back to what is one of the best games of 2023.

Above, below and onwards

The recorded excerpt seen by FreeGameGuide it begins in the castle not only to demonstrate the different progress of Ada’s journey in relation to Leon’s. The towers and different structures in the location also serve to demonstrate the main addition to the gameplay, the hook that makes Separate Ways have even more verticality in relation to the original game.

With this, we will explore areas that we only saw from afar in the original game, such as platforms on top of mountains or the roofs of houses and structures. Secondary missions, with the well-known blue medallions, are part of the expansion, which should also have its treasures and secrets hidden throughout the scenarios.

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How the Grappling Gun works is similar to the classic game, with on-screen indicators showing where you can use the item and access higher areas at the touch of a button. With this, there is also a greater emphasis on stealth. Ada, after all, is a spy, and although she is very well armed, a calmer and less agitated approach may sound like an interesting preference, in total accordance with the speed of her movements.

This agility, in fact, is also favored by the use of the hook, which can also be used to cover distances. In a painfully cruel and fun attack, Ada can use the weapon to quickly approach enemies stunned by gunfire, in an alternative that can also serve as an element of quick escape in the inevitable moments when she is surrounded by villagers, religious fanatics and other creatures who, as we know, became much smarter in the remake of resident Evil 4.

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The hook is also essential in the battle against El Gigante, one of the stage bosses to be faced by Ada in Different Paths. Between missions, she seems to have played a lot of God of Warwith the attacks he performs on the enemy’s exposed Plaga, after receiving shots, reminiscent of Kratos’ epic moments against enemies much larger than him, in a show of acrobatics that also echoes the PlayStation 2 classic.

Again, there is an aspect of verticality in this combat, as the monster attacks alongside Ganados that are on the ground, encouraging people to walk across rooftops and use aspects of the scene to reload weapons and get a few shots in before approaching. In this initial section, Ada still has a small energy bar, so it makes sense to avoid the strong creature’s attacks as much as possible.

Biggest enemy

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The main expectation of fans regarding Separate Ways, however, is in its plot. More specifically, in the more in-depth look at the villain Albert Wesker, the sinister mind behind the events of the first years of the franchise, but who only made his debut in the remake line in resident Evil 4with a special appearance at the end of the campaign.

The section seen by FreeGameGuide brought little about this aspect, but already showed a certain degree of additional depth. Wesker, unlike the original, seems less arrogant about the mission in progress, in addition to appearing reticent towards Ada, measuring every word spoken. The same, in fact, also applies to the spy herself.

Maintaining the character of the main campaign resident Evil 4with Leon’s fun and confidence also giving way to concern and even fear, Ada also shows some insecurity, with a worried expression, mainly, knowing that she must help the agent in his mission without compromising her own and, also, showing which could be seen as a deviation in his loyalty.

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After all, as the agent herself said in the original, what is unfolding in this remote European village is a game of chess, with each participant having control over their own pieces. In the remake, however, new elements must also be added to the formula, including a curious premise that seems to involve the agent herself — such answers, of course, are for a few days to come.

When will Resident Evil 4 DLC be released?

Separate Waysor Different Paths in Portuguese, it arrives on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 21st. The campaign expansion is sold separately, costing around R$50 in the digital stores on each platform. On the same date, the Capcom also releases a free update for resident Evil 4adding two characters and new maps to Mercenaries mode, extra focused on combat against hordes of enemies.

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