14 minSocial NetworksTwitter works on feature to pin replies to your profile

14 minSocial NetworksTwitter works on feature to pin replies to your profile


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The Twitter team develops a feature that will allow users to pin their favorite replies to the “Tweets & Replies” section. Called “Pin reply”, the improvement is not yet active even for beta testers, but its name allows us to assume that it works.

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The novelty was found by developer Jane Manchun Wong, who used reverse engineering techniques to analyze the social network’s testing app. On her profile, she shared a screenshot of the preview:

In the tweet options, there will be a pin icon and the word “Pin reply” just above Unfollow and “Add/Remove from Lists”. It’s not yet clear how many responses can be pinned to the comments or if there will be any restrictions — such as content deleted or made restricted by the author.

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Today, you can pin your most interesting posts to be featured on your profile. It is not possible to post someone else’s responses, even if they have interacted with your post multiple times.

Pin answers for more prominence

This would be a relatively simple but important change for anyone who received a response from a famous, influencer or friend who deserves to be highlighted. It’s a way to show power of influence and relevance on the bird’s platform.

Twitter is also working on a number of new features, such as the famous edit tweets button. Last week, the button appeared in a wider test than ever before, allowing you to modify images and links attached to a message.

Yesterday, the social network established a new policy to combat the copying of content, the famous copypasta. This technique is used to artificially manipulate Twitter trends and can invade people’s timelines with repeated, unoriginal and annoying posts.