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As a hidden new feature in the iOS 15 update, the iPhone now lets you turn on Portrait Mode by enabling the camera within some other app downloaded from the App Store — such as Instagram.

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This way, you can activate the mode so that your device’s screen background is blurry when recording Stories, Reels or making a live through the social networking app, which was not possible until iOS 14.

Instagram Stories recording without blurred background. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (FreeGameGuide)

Until the previous system version, video recordings would have had to be shot with the normal background — that is, without being blurry — while photographs had to be taken with Portrait Mode by the native iOS camera app, to then be imported and posted in Stories on your Instagram account.

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Understand in the tutorial below how to record Instagram Stories with iOS Portrait Mode enabled, that is, with the background blurred on your iPhone.

How to Record Stories with Blurred Background on iPhone

Step 1: On your iPhone, open Instagram and drag the screen to the left. In the app recording style options, choose and select between “Story”, “Reels” or “Live”.

Choose between “Story”, “Reels” or “Live”. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (FreeGameGuide)

Step 2: Access the iOS Control Center by dragging the top right of your device screen down. On the top left of Control Center, as new in iOS 15, you’ll find an on-camera effects tab. Click on “Effects”.

Go to the iOS Control Center and click on the new “Effects” tab. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (FreeGameGuide)

Step 3: Click to activate the Portrait Mode effect on your device.

Activate Portrait Mode on your device. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (FreeGameGuide)

Step 4: You will notice that the Control Center Effects tab will now indicate that Portrait Mode is being applied to your device’s camera for use on Instagram.

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The Portrait Mode effect will be applied to be used on Instagram. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (FreeGameGuide)

Step 5: Return to Instagram and you’re done, the Portrait Mode effect will be applied to the camera, allowing you to record Stories with blurred background on your iPhone.

Record Stories with blurred background. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (FreeGameGuide)